Current Trainees

Our QCB training program now features 18 current students in training in 13 different QCB trainer laboratories, working toward Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, or Cell, Molecular, and Cancer Biology.

Lauren Augusta

My research focuses on how coordinated metabolic signals regulate surface attachment and biofilm formation in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Fun Fact: I played the harp for 10 years.

Degree Program: Microbiology

Lab: Fuqua

Undergrad Institution: The University of Puget Sound

Andrew Bach

My research focuses on studying methodology for the synthesis of fluorinated unnatural amino acids and other fluorinated biological moieties

Fun Fact: My hobbies include playing disc golf and watching the Detroit Red Wings

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Snaddon

Undergrad Institution: Alma College

Emily Erdmann

My research focuses on the role of ADARs (Adenosine Deaminases that Act on RNA) and Adenosine-to-Inosine RNA editing in the germline of C. elegans.

Fun Fact: I love cooking and baking.

Degree Program: Biology

Lab: Hundley

Undergrad Institution: Illinois Wesleyan University

Abigail Garrett

My research focuses on the intersection of metabolism and cell wall synthesis in Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Fun Fact: I have climbed Mt. Fuji and have danced for 20+ years.

Degree Program: Microbiology

Lab: Winkler

Undergrad Institution: Bucknell University

Allan Gramillo

My research focuses on investigating the phosphate starvation response and its role on biofilm formation in the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumafaciens.

Fun Fact: I started the wave at Dodger stadium.

Degree Program: Microbiology

Lab: Fuqua

Undergrad Institution: California State University - LA

Kelly Hartsough

My research focuses on polyploid contributions to genome instability.

Fun Fact: I have been running track for 10 years and now do marathons.

Degree Program: Cell, Molecular, and Cancer Biology

Lab: Walczak

Undergrad Institution: Penn State

Ria Kidner

My research focuses on cell signaling mechanisms in the unicellular protozoan Capsaspora owczarzaki and its link to the parasitic disease schistosomiasis.

Fun Fact: I love rock hounding and lapidary.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Gerdt

Undergrad Institution: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Renee Kinne

My research focuses on the role of phase separation and disordered domains in oncogenic transcriptional co-activators.

Fun Fact: My favorite movie is Shrek

Degree Program: Cell, Molecular, and Cancer Biology

Lab: Hollenhorst

Undergrad Institution: Michigan State University

Patrick Laughlin

My research focuses on the structure and assembly of SARS-Cov-2 Nucleocapsid protein.

Fun Fact: I love skiing, gardening, and birdwatching.

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Zlotnick

Undergrad Institution: Indiana University Bloomington

Victoria Lopez

My research uses fruit fly larvae to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of nociception, the sensory process that encodes painful/noxious stimuli.

Fun Fact: I like to collect mugs

Degree Program: Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology (GCDB) Program in Neuroscience

Lab: Tracey

Undergrad Institution: Roosevelt University

Averi McFarland

My research focuses on protein interactions, structure-function, and dynamics necessary for cell wall synthesis in the pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Fun Fact: I had a dislocated clavicle for 5 months that was repositioned using a cadaver ligament. I have yet to break a bone though.

Degree Program: Microbiology

Lab: Winkler

Undergrad Institution: Idaho State University

Emma McRae

My research focuses on using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study metal-dependent biological systems found in pathogenic bacteria

Fun Fact: I have free-dived and scuba-dived with sharks multiple times!

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Giedroc

Undergrad Institution: UC Berkeley

Morgan Nyman

My research focuses on developing and understanding cancer therapeutics that specifically target diseased tissue inhibiting one-carbon metabolism, and more specifically purine synthesis pathway, within the cell.

Fun Fact: I am a big fan of Jurassic Park.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Dann

Undergrad Institution: Gannon University

Max Osterberg

My research focuses on exploring metal-dependent responses in bacteria such as Acinetobacter baumannii and discover their role regarding survival within vertebrate hosts.

Fun Fact: I like playing guitar and drawing.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Giedroc

Undergrad Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Brigham Pope

My research focuses on creating optical traps inside microfluidic devices and using them for bio-particle trapping, sorting, and directing. We hypothesize that we can create these optical traps using extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) through subwavelength apertures in a metal film.

Fun Fact: I love to cook for my wife and daughter. It's like chemistry I can eat. I grew up watching cooking shows that focus on the science behind food and cooking. So if this Ph.D. doesn't work out, look for me on Iron Chef.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Jacobson

Undergrad Institution: Brigham Young University

Hunter Richman

My research focuses on macrophage phagosome maturation.

Fun Fact: I play Magic the Gathering

Degree Program: Materials Chemistry

Lab: Yu

Undergrad Institution: Indiana University - South Bend

Cayla Rose

My research focuses on developing mass spectrometry detection methods for the post-translational modification tyrosine sulfation and expanding the understanding of the enzyme responsible, tyrosylrprotein sulfotransferase.

Fun Fact: I am a lover of dogs with two of my own, and I can solve a Rubik's cube.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Dann

Undergrad Institution: Columbus State University

Liam Scott

My research focuses on protein superstructure design and analysis, with focuses in physical virology and biophotonics.

Fun Fact: I have a pet gecko.

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Zlotnick

Undergrad Institution: Montana State University