Current Trainees

Our QCB training program now features 21 current students in training in 17 different QCB trainer laboratories, working toward Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Cell, Molecular, and Cancer Biology.

Kristen Alanis

My research focuses on understanding and mimicking cellular communication through ion channels.

Fun Fact: I have run two half marathons.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Baker

Undergrad Institution: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Brooke Brown

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Clemmer

Undergrad Institution: Baylor University

Julie Button

My research focuses on studying the role of electrostatic interactions during alphavirus nucleocapsid assembly.

Fun Fact: I played flute for 9 years.

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Mukhopadhyay

Undergrad Institution: WVU

Emily Erdmann

My research focuses on the role of ADARs (Adenosine Deaminases that Act on RNA) and Adenosine-to-Inosine RNA editing in the germline of C. elegans.

Fun Fact: I love cooking and baking.

Degree Program: Biology

Lab: Hundley

Undergrad Institution: Illinois Wesleyan University

Rachel Fadler

My research focuses on developing effective strategies to create functional molecules and materials based on phosphate recognition.

Fun Fact: I play the flute in the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Flood

Undergrad Institution: Kalamazoo College

Abigail Garrett

My research focuses on the intersection of metabolism and cell wall synthesis in Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Fun Fact: I have climbed Mt. Fuji and have danced for 20+ years.

Degree Program: Microbiology

Lab: Winkler

Undergrad Institution: Bucknell University

Jessie Gudorf

My research focuses on the synthesis of a small molecule library to aid in computational modeling for drug design.

Fun Fact: I love dogs.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: VanNieuwenhze

Undergrad Institution: University of Southern Indiana

Kelly Hartsough

My research focuses on polyploid contributions to genome instability.

Fun Fact: I have been running track for 10 years and now do marathons.

Degree Program: Cell, Molecular, and Cancer Biology

Lab: Walczak

Undergrad Institution: Penn State

JB Holmes

My research focuses on simulations of light-matter interactions with bio-inspired, self-assembled nanostructures and ultrafast spectroscopy.

Fun Fact: Before attending grad school, I worked as a choreographer/instructor at a competitive dance studio in Houston, TX (Masters the Upper Level) and set pieces for many professional dance companies/teams around the nation.

Degree Program: Physics (Biophysics track)

Lab: Dragnea

Undergraduate Institution: Houston Baptist University

Matthew Jordan

My research focuses on investigating metallochaperones in s. aureus.

Fun Fact: I am a nephew of both Michael Jordan and J. Cole.

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Giedroc

Undergrad Institution: Manchester University

Mallory Kern

My research focuses on automated solution phase synthesis.

Fun Fact: I'm a proud cat mom.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Pohl

Undergrad Institution: Lycoming College

Ria Kidner

My research focuses on cell signaling mechanisms in the unicellular protozoan Capsaspora owczarzaki and its link to the parasitic disease schistosomiasis.

Fun Fact: I love rock hounding and lapidary.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Gerdt

Undergrad Institution: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Lily Klapper

My research focuses on the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules.

Fun Fact: I've played ice hockey since I was 4 years old.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: VanNieuwenhze

Undergrad Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Averi McFarland

My research focuses on protein interactions, structure-function, and dynamics necessary for cell wall synthesis in the pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Fun Fact: I had a dislocated clavicle for 5 months that was repositioned using a cadaver ligament. I have yet to break a bone though.

Degree Program: Microbiology

Lab: Winkler

Undergrad Institution: Idaho State University

Morgan Nyman

My research focuses on developing and understanding cancer therapeutics that specifically target diseased tissue inhibiting one-carbon metabolism, and more specifically purine synthesis pathway, within the cell.

Fun Fact: I am a big fan of Jurassic Park.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Dann

Undergrad Institution: Gannon University

Max Osterberg

My research focuses on exploring metal-dependent responses in bacteria such as Acinetobacter baumannii and discover their role regarding survival within vertebrate hosts.

Fun Fact: I like playing guitar and drawing.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Giedroc

Undergrad Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Brigham Pope

My research focuses on creating optical traps inside microfluidic devices and using them for bio-particle trapping, sorting, and directing. We hypothesize that we can create these optical traps using extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) through subwavelength apertures in a metal film.

Fun Fact: I love to cook for my wife and daughter. It's like chemistry I can eat. I grew up watching cooking shows that focus on the science behind food and cooking. So if this Ph.D. doesn't work out, look for me on Iron Chef.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Jacobson

Undergrad Institution: Brigham Young University

Stephen Ratvasky

My research focuses on the development of anticancer metallodrugs capable of spatiotemporally controlled therapeutic radical generation. Piggybacking triggerable ligand-based radical generation with metal-based antitumor reactivity has the potential to give metallodrugs with higher potency that can be administered at lower doses than those currently used in the clinic."

Fun Fact: I have three pet rats, two of which are named after a pair of Nobel prize-winning organic chemists famous for exploring cycloaddition reactions.  Can you guess who?

Degree Program: Inorganic Chemistry

Lab: Zaleski

Undergraduate Institution: Duquesne University

Francis Roushar

My research focuses on understading the molecular basis for membrane protein misfolding diseases.

Fun Fact: As an undergrad I worked for 2 competing coffee shops.

Degree Program: Chemical Biology

Lab: Schlebach

Undergrad Institution: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Jordon Winn

My research focuses on understanding the complex dynamics between molecular motors and how their proper coordination plays into microtubule instability and spindle organization.

Fun Fact: I love music and can play 5 instruments.

Degree Program: Genome, Cell and Developmental Biology

Lab: Walczak

Undergrad Institution: Northwest Missouri State University

Yasmine Zubi

My research focuses on engineering and characterizing artificial metalloenzymes.

Fun Fact: I've played French Horn for over 10 years.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Lewis

Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia