Current Trainees

Our QCB training program now features 16 current students in training in 14 different QCB trainer laboratories, working toward Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology or Physics.

Brooke Brown

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Clemmer

Undergrad Institution: Baylor University

Julie Button

My research focuses on studying the role of electrostatic interactions during alphavirus nucleocapsid assembly.

Fun Fact: I played flute for 9 years.

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Mukhopadhyay

Undergrad Institution: WVU

Rachel Fadler

My research focuses on developing effective strategies to create functional molecules and materials based on phosphate recognition.

Fun Fact: I play the flute in the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Flood

Undergrad Institution: Kalamazoo College

JB Holmes

My research focuses on simulations of light-matter interactions with bio-inspired, self-assembled nanostructures and ultrafast spectroscopy.

Fun Fact: Before attending grad school, I worked as a choreographer/instructor at a competitive dance studio in Houston, TX (Masters the Upper Level) and set pieces for many professional dance companies/teams around the nation.

Degree Program: Physics (Biophysics track)

Lab: Dragnea

Undergraduate Institution: Houston Baptist University

Matthew Jordan

My research focuses on investigating metallochaperones in s. aureus.

Fun Fact: I am a nephew of both Michael Jordan and J. Cole.

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Giedroc

Undergrad Institution: Manchester University

Mallory Kern

My research focuses on automated solution phase synthesis.

Fun Fact: I'm a proud cat mom.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Pohl

Undergrad Institution: Lycoming College

Lily Klapper

My research focuses on the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules.

Fun Fact: I've played ice hockey since I was 4 years old.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: VanNieuwenhze

Undergrad Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Paul Marcyk

My research focuses on base metal catalysis and activating alcohols for substitution reactions.

Fun Fact: Once I built a kayak that didn't sink when you got in.

Degree Program: Organic Chemistry

Lab: Cook

Undergrad Institution: Wheaton College

Amilcar Perez

My research focuses on bacterial cell division and peptidoglycan synthesis dynamics using quantitative fluorescence light microscopy.

Fun Fact: I like chihuahuas.

Degree Program: Biology

Lab: Winkler

Undergrad Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

Sashary Ramos

My research focuses on nonlinear spectroscopy and protein dynamics.

Fun Fact: I went to art school, majored in Drawing and Painting, and did Irish Dance for 6 years

Degree Program: Analytical Chemsitry

Lab: Thielges

Undergrad Institution: San Diego State University

Stephen Ratvasky

My research focuses on the development of anticancer metallodrugs capable of spatiotemporally controlled therapeutic radical generation. Piggybacking triggerable ligand-based radical generation with metal-based antitumor reactivity has the potential to give metallodrugs with higher potency that can be administered at lower doses than those currently used in the clinic."

Fun Fact: I have three pet rats, two of which are named after a pair of Nobel prize-winning organic chemists famous for exploring cycloaddition reactions.  Can you guess who?

Degree Program: Inorganic Chemistry

Lab: Zaleski

Undergraduate Institution: Duquesne University

Chelsea Rintelmann

My research is in total synthesis, specifically working with carbohydrate chemistry.

Fun Fact: I am a rad bassonist.

Degree Program: Organic Chemistry

Lab: Pohl

Undergrad Institution: Allegheny College

Francis Roushar

My research focuses on understading the molecular basis for membrane protein misfolding diseases.

Fun Fact: As an undergrad I worked for 2 competing coffee shops.

Degree Program: Chemical Biology

Lab: Schlebach

Undergrad Institution: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Ekaterina Selivanovitch

My research focuses on the development of nanotechnology using virus-like particles.

Fun Fact: I do not like ice cream.

Degree Program: Chemistry

Lab: Douglas

Undergrad Institution: St. Francis College, St. John's University

Brady Strittmatter

My research focus is the role of oncogene ERG in prostate cancer

Fun Fact: I am a member of the Biology/Biochemistry intramural basketball team - The BioBallers

Degree Program: Biochemistry

Lab: Hollenhorst Laboratory

Undergrad Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Brenna Walsh

My research focuses on understanding sulfide homeostasis and regulation in human pathogen enterococcus faecalis

Fun Fact: I was a dancer for 15 years.

Degree Program: Chemical Biology

Lab: Giedroc

Undergrad Institution: James Madison University