The QCB training program benefits from strong trainee-run leadership provided by two QCB ambassadors appointed to serve a one academic year term.  Current (AY 2022-2023) ambassadors are Brigham Pope (Jacobson group) and Ria Kidner (Gerdt group).  Immediate past QCB ambassadors and 2022 QCB Retreat hosts are Abigail Garrett (Winkler group) and Jessie Gudorf (Van Nieuwenhze group).

Our QCB ambassadors work with the entire current and previously supported trainee cohort to host a number of events designed to showcase QCB trainer laboratory research accomplishments while providing professional development and networking opportunities for all trainees.

Check our News page for other upcoming events.

These events include

QCB Retreat

QCB Evenings

QCB Trainee-hosted Seminar Series

Annual Watanabe Symposium in Chemical Biology

Past Watanabe Symposia

Annual Career Development Symposium