Core Facilities

Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry

Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry houses a Waters Synapt G2S HDMS, equipped with an ion mobility cell and a Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos high resolution mass analyzer, both capable of fragmentation via CID and ETD, and a Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos Pro.

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory houses an Agilent 7890B/G7250 GC-QTOF mass spectrometer, a Thermo Orbitrap XL with multiple HPLC inlets, a Sciex 4000 QTRAP triple quadrupole MS and a suite of instruments available for 24 h walkup use.

Nanoscale Characterization Facility (NCF)

Nanoscale Characterization Facility (NCF) features state-of-the-art instrumentation for nanoscale characterization and manipulation, including a Zeiss Auriga focused ion beam (FIB) instrument for micro- and nanofluidics device manufacturing and whole cell sectioning, a field-emission scanning electron microscope, an FEI environmental scanning electron/scanning transmission electron microscope, and an Asylum atomic force microscope.

Electron Microscopy Center (EMC)

Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) houses a JOEL 1400 TEM and a cryo-capable JEOL JEM 3200FS high-voltage TEM (with electron direct detection camera).  An FEI Glacios 200 kV dedicated cryo-TEM is slated for installation in early 2019.  An FEI Vitrobot for robotic vitrification of isolated macromolecular assemblies is also available.

METACyt Biomolecular NMR Laboratory

METACyt Biomolecular NMR Laboratory houses 600 and 800 MHz Agilent VNMRS four-channel NMR spectrometers each equipped with salt-tolerant HCN cryogenic probes.  The Agilent 600 MHz VNMRS console and cryogenic probe is being converted (June 2018) to a Bruker Avance NEO 600 MHz console equipped with a triple resonance TCI cryoprobe.  Other NMR spectrometers (two 500s, one 600) are sited in Chemistry as part of the campus-wide NMR Facility.

Physical Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility

Physical Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility houses state-of-the-art biophysical instrumentation available on a fee-for-service basis. Major instrumentation includes a NanoTemper Microscale Thermophoresis instrument, a Perkin-Elmer LS50B Fluorometer, a Microcal VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter, a KinTek SF-300X Stopped Flow Spectrometer; a Wyatt Technology Multi-angle Light Scattering Instrument and RI detector.

Macromolecular Crystallography Facility

Macromolecular Crystallography Facility houses the Crystallization Automation Facility (CAF), which allows for high throughput protein crystallography via the use of advanced robotics. IU also owns part of a Beamline 4.2.2 at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to facilitate remote synchrotron data acquisition.

Light Microscopy Imaging Center (LMIC)

Light Microscopy Imaging Center (LMIC) houses an extensive collection of instrumentation and data processing stations for all types of light microscopy work on a fee-for-use basis.  Major instrumentation includes OMX 3D-SIM Super-Resolution system for three-dimensional super resolution imaging and a large suite of additional microscopes.

Small Angle X-ray Scattering

Small Angle X-ray Scattering Instrument consists of a RU3HR 20 kW high brilliance rotating anode x-ray generator with a copper anode coupled to a S-Max 3000 SAXS camera.

Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics

Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics (CGB) provides a major resource for genomic sequencing services.

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers comprehensive flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting services, and houses the FACS Aria II as well as additional cell sorters, and a Miltenyi MACSQuant VYB mobile flow cytometer.

Bair Mechanical Instrumentation Services (MIS)

Bair Mechanical Instrumentation Services (MIS) employs eight full-time instrument makers and features a well-equipped shop for prototype instrument design and construction.

Electronic Instrument Services (EIS)

Electronic Instrument Services (EIS) consists of four electronics engineers, two technicians, and a manager who collectively assist in the design, consultation, fabrication, modification, construction, and repair of chemical and electronic instrumentation.  Additional machine and electronics shops are available in Physics.

Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS)

Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS) is a unique, university-based pulsed neutron source located at the IU Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter (CEEM) and features an NBL1-SANS instrument capable of carrying out contrast variation (1H vs. 2H) small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) on biological samples in aqueous solution. Preliminary data collected at LENS can be used to secure beam time on the high sensitivity, spallation neutron source at nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Laboratory Animal Resources Unit

Laboratory Animal Resources Unit maintains a secured, 5500 sq ft animal facility that is fully accredited by AAALAC.  An Animal Behavioral Testing Suite is located inside the animal facility with veterinary staff available seven days per week.