Jordon Winn

My research focuses on understanding the complex dynamics between molecular motors and how their proper coordination plays into microtubule instability and spindle organization. Fun Fact: I love music and can play 5 instruments. Degree Program: Genome, Cell and Developmental Biology Lab: Walczak Undergrad Institution: Northwest Missouri State University

Brigham Pope

My research focuses on creating optical traps inside microfluidic devices and using them for bio-particle trapping, sorting, and directing. We hypothesize that we can create these optical traps using extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) through subwavelength apertures in a metal film. Fun Fact: I love to cook for my wife and daughter. It’s like chemistry I […]

Ria Kidner

My research focuses on cell signaling mechanisms in the unicellular protozoan Capsaspora owczarzaki and its link to the parasitic disease schistosomiasis. Fun Fact: I love rock hounding and lapidary. Degree Program: Chemistry Lab: Gerdt Undergrad Institution: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology