Sashary Ramos

My research focuses on nonlinear spectroscopy and protein dynamics. Fun Fact: I went to art school, majored in Drawing and Painting, and did Irish Dance for 6 years Degree Program: Analytical Chemsitry Lab: Thielges Undergrad Institution: San Diego State University

Rachel Horness

My research focuses on protein molecular recognition and dynamics. Fun Fact: I am agressively fantatic about birthdays. Everyone gets a cake. Always. Degree Program: Analytical Chemsitry Lab: Thielges Undergrad Institution: Kalamazoo College

Chelsea Rintelmann

My research is in total synthesis, specifically working with carbohydrate chemistry. Fun Fact: I am a rad bassonist. Degree Program: Organic Chemistry Lab: Pohl Undergrad Institution: Allegheny College

Paul Marcyk

My research focuses on base metal catalysis and activating alcohols for substitution reactions. Fun Fact: Once I built a kayak that didn’t sink when you got in. Degree Program: Organic Chemistry Lab: Cook Undergrad Institution: Wheaton College

Francis Roushar

My research focuses on understading the molecular basis for membrane protein misfolding diseases. Fun Fact: As an undergrad I worked for 2 competing coffee shops. Degree Program: Chemical Biology Lab: Schlebach Undergrad Institution: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Britta Rued

My research focuses on the structure and function of division proteins in streptococcus pneumoniae. Fun Fact: I moved over 13 times. Degree Program: Microbiology Lab: Giedroc/Winkler Undergrad Institution: University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Brenna Walsh

My research focuses on understanding sulfide homeostasis and regulation in human pathogen enterococcus faecalis Fun Fact: I was a dancer for 15 years. Degree Program: Chemical Biology Lab: Giedroc Undergrad Institution: James Madison University

Julie Button

My research focuses on studying the role of electrostatic interactions during alphavirus nucleocapsid assembly. Fun Fact: I played flute for 9 years. Degree Program: Biochemistry Lab: Mukhopadhyay Undergrad Institution: WVU

Stephen Ratvasky

My research focuses on the development of anticancer metallodrugs capable of spatiotemporally controlled therapeutic radical generation. Piggybacking triggerable ligand-based radical generation with metal-based antitumor reactivity has the potential to give metallodrugs with higher potency that can be administered at lower doses than those currently used in the clinic.” Fun Fact: I have three pet rats, […]