Liam Scott

My research focuses on protein superstructure design and analysis, with focuses in physical virology and biophotonics. Fun Fact: I have a pet gecko. Degree Program: Biochemistry Lab: Dragnea Undergrad Institution: Montana State University

Brooke Brown

Degree Program: Chemistry Lab: Clemmer Undergrad Institution: Baylor University

Rachel Fadler

My research focuses on developing effective strategies to create functional molecules and materials based on phosphate recognition. Fun Fact: I play the flute in the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble. Degree Program: Chemistry Lab: Flood Undergrad Institution: Kalamazoo College

Mallory Kern

My research focuses on automated solution phase synthesis. Fun Fact: I’m a proud cat mom. Degree Program: Chemistry Lab: Pohl Undergrad Institution: Lycoming College

Ekaterina Selivanovitch

My research focuses on the development of nanotechnology using virus-like particles. Fun Fact: I do not like ice cream. Degree Program: Chemistry Lab: Douglas Undergrad Institution: St. Francis College, St. John’s University

JB Holmes

Degree Program: Physics (Biophysics track)
Lab: Dragnea

Allie Vickman

My research is focused on probing the conformational landscape of monosaccharide isomers using theoretical methods in order to inform chemical syntheses. Fun Fact: My favorite flavor of ice cream is blue moon – available only in the Upper Midwest. Degree Program: Organic Chemistry Lab: Pohl Undergrad Institution: St. Norbert College

Lucy Sanchez

I study the effect of nanoparticle surface anisotropy on immune cell interactions, uptake and intracellular fate. Fun Fact: I watch way too many TV series. The best show I watched in 2017 was “Dark” on Netflix. Degree Program: Chemistry Lab: Yu Undergrad Institution: University of Iowa

Brady Strittmatter

My research focus is the role of oncogene ERG in prostate cancer Fun Fact: I am a member of the Biology/Biochemistry intramural basketball team – The BioBallers Degree Program: Biochemistry Lab: Hollenhorst Laboratory Undergrad Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Amilcar Perez

My research focuses on bacterial cell division and peptidoglycan synthesis dynamics using quantitative fluorescence light microscopy. Fun Fact: I like chihuahuas. Degree Program: Biology Lab: Winkler Undergrad Institution: University of California, Los Angeles