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Off-campus Internship Experience

New for 2022!!  QCB trainees in their second year of fellowship support and post-Ph.D. candidacy will be eligible to complete a 4-6 week non-paid internship at a partner organization (academic, industrial or government lab) prior to June 30 of their third year.  The list of partner organizations continues to grow, so please check back for more […]

Selivanovitch Publication

Kate Selivanovitch (Douglas lab) was second author on Polymer Coatings on Virus-like Particle Nanoreactors at Low Ionic Strength—Charge Reversal and Substrate Access, a paper published in Biomacromolecules.

Alanis Publication

Kristen Alanis (Baker lab) was author on Imaging with Ion Channels, a paper published in Analytical Chemistry.

Walsh Publication

Brenna Walsh (Giedroc lab) was first author on Proteomics Profiling of S-sulfurated Proteins in Acinetobacter baumannii, a paper published in Bio-protocol.

Selivanovitch Publication

Kate Selivanovitch (Douglas lab) was first author on Molecular exclusion limits for diffusion across a porous capsid, a paper published in Nature Communications.

Ramos Publication

Sashary Ramos (Thielges lab) was first author on Dynamics underlying hydroxylation selectivity of cytochrome P450cam, a paper published in Biophysical Journal.

Spring QCB Evening, April 5, 2021

Join us for the Spring QCB Evening on Monday, April 5th from 5:00-6:00pm on Zoom. Allison Adkins, career coach from the Walter Center will be giving a workshop on how to create resumés and CVs. We will then use these insights to evaluate resumes and CVs from our department. Please find more details, including the […]

Fadler Publication

Rachel Fadler (Flood lab) was first author on Chain Entropy Beats Hydrogen Bonds to Unfold and Thread Dialcohol Phosphates inside Cyanostar Macrocycles To Form [3]Pseudorotaxanes, a paper published in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Brown Publication

Brooke Brown (Clemmer lab) was second author on Exosome-Mediated Crosstalk between Keratinocytes and Macrophages in Cutaneous Wound Healing, a paper published in ACS Nano.

Schlicksup Publications

Christopher Schlicksup (Zlotnick lab) was first author on Viral structural proteins as targets for antivirals, a paper published in Current Opinion in Virology; and Local Stabilization of Subunit–Subunit Contacts Causes Global Destabilization of Hepatitis B Virus Capsids, a paper published in ACS Chemical Biology. He was also second author on Rapidly Forming Early Intermediate Structures […]