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New Trainee Appointments

We are pleased to announce the appointment of five new QCB fellows to the QCB trainee cohort! They are two rising second-year students, Lauren Augusta (Microbiology, Fuqua lab) and Emma McRae (Chemistry, Giedroc lab) to two-year appointments, and rising third-year students Andrew Bach (Chemistry, Snaddon lab), Vicky Lopez (Neuroscience, Tracey lab) and Cayla Rose (Chemistry, […]

Walsh Publications

Brenna Walsh is first author on, Metabolic and Structural Insights into Hydrogen Sulfide Mis-Regulation in Enterococcus faecalis, a paper published in Antioxidants. Brenna was also an author on, Discovery and structure of a widespread bacterial ABC transporter specific for ergothioneine, a paper published in Nature Communications.

Jordan Publication

Matthew Jordan is first author on, Metal retention and replacement in QueD2 protect queuosine-tRNA biosynthesis in metal-starved Acinetobacter baumannii, a paper published in PNAS.

Zubi & Roof Publication

Yasmine Zubi and Caitlin Roof are authors on, The Single-Component Flavin Reductase/Flavin-Dependent Halogenase AetF is a Versatile Catalyst for Selective Bromination and Iodination of Arenes and Olefins, a paper published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

Erdmann F31 Award

We want to give a big congratulations to trainee Emily Erdmann as she was just awarded an F31 grant from the NIH. Please read more about Emily’s award here.  

Selivanovitch Publication

Ekaterina Selivanovitch is second author on, Electromechanical Photophysics of GFP Packed Inside Viral Protein Cages Probed by Force-Fluorescence Hybrid Single-Molecule Microscopy, a paper published in Small

2022 Watanabe Symposium

We are happy to announce the speakers and information for the 2022 Watanabe Symposium in Chemical Biology! Click here to view info flyer  

Brown Publication

Brooke Brown was first author on, Analysis of Keratinocytic Exosomes from Diabetic and Nondiabetic Mice by Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry, a paper published in Analytical Chemistry

Holmes Publication

Joseph Holmes was first author on, Ultrafast Collective Excited-State Dynamics of a Virus-Supported Fluorophore Antenna, a paper published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters